The 5 “W’s” and an Introduction

As a divorced man the biggest questions I have are the five “W’s”:  What happened?  When did it happen?  Why did it happen?  Where did it happen? Who did it happen to?

These may seem like strange questions, after all they don’t all fit with the concept of divorce and some of them seem silly and “no-brainers”, but the reality is not a single one of them is a “no-brainer”, and all of them have to do with my struggle to make sense of my new world.

It has been exactly 8 months and 4 days since I was officially divorced.  My struggle is harder now than it’s ever been.  I am told it get’s better.  I am told to be patient, find out who I am, focus on my kids, have faith and try to be strong.   That’s easier said than done.  Then again if you’re reading this because you too are going through a similar experience you already know this.

I will try to be completely transparent and honest in all my posts.  There is nothing found if I am not.  You may relate to me.  You may dislike me.  You will at least know me.

This is my first post, so please be patient with my occasional misspelled word or incoherent thought.  Sometimes I don’t know how to communicate that which I am trying to, and it can be confusing.  Your feedback is always welcomed; both good and bad; although, I ask if it is bad you do so in a constructive manner.  We all have feelings.

Thanks for reading my blog!  May God bless you and show you peace.